A Little About Myself

Hello Reader! Welcome to my  site!. Here you will get to know a little bit about myself with a hint of writings depicting my thinking and the activity performed in my spare time.

Immigrant, made ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง my home โ€“ I prefer Honesty&Simplicity, like to surround myself with ambitious and loving Friends, Last 2-3 years I’m striving to live as an Entrepreneur. Founded three companies with the focus on tech artificial intelligence, retail import export and e-commerce online store, I’m a qualified Electronics Engineer from GIK Institute, got an MSc in Embedded Intelligent Systems and intrigued by Artificial Intelligence Technologies I pursued my MPhill Research in AI with Traffic Flow Predictions from University of Hertfordshire. Qualified Data Scientist I also take up a Part time Security officer roles. With little to no materialistic lusty desires as a human one of the biggest aims in my life is to do something in the end for the betterment of my people and the community. Other than that I keep my ambitions a secret shhhh.

Educational Career -Arsalan Rahi